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5 WAYS TO MANAGE STRESS this holiday season
By: Pfizer
Stress is a trigger of heartburn, and the holidays—despite being a time of celebration, can increase stress. Here are 5 ways you can keep your stress level to a minimum.
By: Mayo Clinic

It's hard to avoid stress these days with so many competing demands for your time and attention. But with good stress management skills, you can cope with stress in a healthy way.

By: Mayo Clinic

Whipping up healthy recipes may be easier than you think. You can make simple ingredient substitutions to create healthy recipes that don't sacrifice taste and enjoyment.

By: Mayo Clinic

Stress symptoms may be affecting your health, even though you might not realize it. You may think illness is to blame for that nagging headache, your frequent insomnia or your decreased productivity at work. But stress may actually be the culprit.