Nexium® 24HR Tablets

Nexium® 24HR tablets - the same complete protection^ from frequent heartburn available in an easy-to-swallow tablet. Nexium® 24HR tablets work by blocking acid directly at the source, giving you 24 hours of protection from frequent heartburn.

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About Nexium 24HR - 24 hr clockJust one pill a day gives you all day, all night protection from frequent heartburn

About Nexium 24HR - shopAvailable without a prescription


Just one daily pill gives you all-day, all-night protection from frequent heartburn. Like most medications, Nexium® 24HR works best when you use it properly. Make sure to follow these helpful tips:

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1. Set a schedule

Nexium® 24HR should be taken once a day(every 24 hours) for two weeks, so set a reminder to take your daily dose before breakfast.

About Nexium 24HR - #1

2. Stay the course

Even if you start feeling better within the first few days, stick with the 14-day treatment to get maximum results.

About Nexium 24HR - #1

3. Plan ahead

Nexium® 24HR isn’t intended for immediate relief, so be proactive with your next purchase to stop symptoms before they start. Make sure to check out our website to download available coupons.


If you’re a frequent heartburn sufferer, you know that heartburn affects your day-to-day. It makes the little things in life, such as eating, sleeping and just generally feeling good, difficult to do.

Take a look at these questions. If you answer yes to any or all of them, Nexium® 24HR may be the heartburn treatment for you.

  • Does your frequent heartburn make you feel frustrated and irritable?
  • Does your frequent heartburn make you question what and when you eat?
  • Does your frequent heartburn interfere with your sleep in addition to disrupting your day?
  • Do you worry about what will happen if you don’t treat your frequent heartburn?
  • Do you want a medicine that will give you control over your frequent heartburn?
About Nexium 24HR - #1