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Heartburn triggers vary from person to person. Sometimes those triggers are physiological, while for many other people certain foods, drinks and lifestyle habits may be the catalyst. Below are some tips to help you overcome common heartburn triggers.

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Avoid overeating by having smaller, slower and more frequent meals throughout the day. Also, avoid late-night snacks.

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Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs; it also raises the risk of heartburn.

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Sleeping on Your Right Side

According to research, sleeping on your right side worsens acid reflux. Try sleeping on your left side or raising the head of your bed.

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Stress alone does not cause acid production. However, stress can increase your sensitivity to acid and worsen the pain caused by heartburn.

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Food Triggers

Food triggers differ from person to person, but common ones include:

• Rich, spicy, fried or fatty foods
• Chocolate • Caffeine • Carbonated beverages
• Alcohol • Coffee • Ketchup and mustard
• Vinegar • Tomato and citrus juices
• Mints • Other acidic fruits and juices

Keep tabs on what you eat and learn to avoid the things that cause heartburn.

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Tight Clothes

Belts and tight-fitting clothing may be fashionable, but they also put extra pressure on your stomach.

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